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You are now ready to incorporate your friend's i - Tunes in your device. Connect your i - Phone for the computer with all the supplied USB cable and launch i - Tunes. If someone gave you an i - Tunes card being a gift, you are able to use it to buy items from your i - Tunes Store and. The i - Phone can be a line of touch-screen smartphones manufactured by Apple. How to Use Multiple i - Tunes Libraries With an i - Phone. If you've previously only used i - Tunes and Limewire to create and burn CDs, then you may not be conscious of Windows Media Player is additionally capable of burning CDs that can be played back in a CD player. If your MP3 does not already appear within your i - Tunes library, it is possible to add it through the dragging please click the next website file directly to the i - Tunes window using your mouse.

The backup and sync actions can often require a long time to finish, making the process a bit inconvenient. Connect the external hard disk to your brand-new PC and transform it on.